Method Dressing - Would You Try It?

What is method dressing and would you try it out?

With press tours and junkets becoming more global and information and imagery so easily shared, the way people dress and present themselves seems to be more important than ever.

Whilst getting into character on set is nothing new - from accents to hair and makeup - increasingly, Hollywood's biggest names are extending their roles to the red carpets too!

So what is method dressing? 

Well, quite simply, method dressing is matching your wardrobe to your film role - a sort of walking billboard telling onlookers what your movie (or show) is all about! Whether it's Margot Robbie head-to-toe in pink for Barbie, or Jenny Ortega's high fashion goth inspired looks while promoting the Netflix hit Wednesday, method dressing is a departure from boring cookie cutter red carpets. 

And it isn't just female stars stepping up, thank god! Say goodbye to the oh so familiar suit and tie...

Zendaya wearing a white tennis dress
Ryan Gosling Barbie Premiere
Timothy Chalemet Wonka Premiere

Ryan Gosling embodied the spirit of Barbie when he walked the carpet and Timothy Chalamet donned a striking purple jumpsuit as he promoted Wonka. Elsewhere, Robert Pattinson channelled his best Bruce Wayne in a black suit and overcoat, not to be outdone by Zoe Kravitz who opted for a black Oscar de la Renta dress complete with Cat Corset for her Catwoman role. While Carey Mulligan looked every inch a star dressed in an original design from the 50s promoting Bradley Cooper's Maestro.

Zoe Kravitz at Catwoman
Carey Mulligan wearing a black and white gown

Method dressing is all in the detail - from the production date to the colour or feeling of the garment - its silhouette, structure, length and texture.

No one has mastered this better than Zendaya, who has been stunning people with looks ever since her stint in The Greatest Showman:

"Fashion is something I've always used as an outlet, a tool - ultimately,  I think I am a more shy person so it allows for me to create this persona, this character that I get to live in for the day."

Since then, she has created a number of looks centered around the films she is starring in. Working closely with stylist Law Roach, she manages to tow the line between fancy dress and costume - from futuristic, metallic jumpsuits while promoting Dune, to the latest all white tennis looks for her latest release, Challengers!

So - while a red carpet may not be on our agenda any time soon - method dressing perhaps isn't something we are total strangers to. You just have to think of Power Dressing to see that...

Zendaya wearing a white tennis dress
White tennis ball shoes