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    Login to your Biscuit account to access our Resale world.

  • 2. Find Item

    Navigate to Resale Future on the menu and enter Your Online Wardrobe

  • 3. List Item

    Set price, provide some current photos & a short note. That’s all!

  • 4. Ship It

    Use the prepaid label that we send you, to ship it to your item’s future lover!


Frequently Asked Questions

Which products can I list for resale?

You can list any of your products bought from Biscuit’s website.

To view your past purchases login to your Biscuit’s account and click Resale Future on the menu. Here if you click “I want to sell” you can view all your past purchases. Choose the item you would like to resell and follow the prompts.

Currently, products purchased from Biscuit’s stores or stockists are also not eligible for sale on this page. Please note, this is an exclusive space only for Biscuit’s second-hand products. Items purchased from brands stocked at Biscuit from other retailers cannot be listed for resale here.

How important are the details in my product listing?

A good product listing will increase the chances that your product is purchased.

We recommend that you share product information in as much detail, with as much accuracy as possible. Remember the buyer can request a refund if the product they receive is not ‘as described’ so it is very important you list out and show in pictures any defects.

Photos taken in bright, natural light will work the best. In addition to the photos uploaded by you, original photos taken by Biscuit will also appear on the listing for shoppers to browse

How should I set the price of my product?

Setting the price is your decision (within reason) and advise that you set a price based on the age and condition of your product. We recommend new products to be listed at 70% of the sale price and any other condition to be priced lower than that.

Can I amend my listing once it is approved?

Once an item is listed, you can request for the listing information to be changed by writing to us as - We will then review your change request.

How does shipping work?

Once your product is sold we will send you a pre-paid shipping label by email.
If you chose to send your parcel:

1. Through a ParcelShop: You have 5 business days to drop the parcel off to one of the 7000+ locations in the UK. Most locations have a printer facility, please check if your chosen one does here.

2. Address pick-up: If your label is sent to you before 2pm then an Evri collection will take place the next working day, otherwise the day after. This will occur Mon-Sat between 8am and 8pm. Please look out for updates from Evri on your email address. This service requires you to print the label before the collection.

Should you decide to change the method of shipment or the address of pick-up, please email us on

How should items be packed?

Please neatly pack the product in a mailer of your choice, in a manner you would like to receive a new item.

How do I get paid?

You will be issued Biscuit store credit. Please note that the buyer has 72 hours from receiving the item to contest the product if the item they receive is not as described. If no issues are raised, then you should receive the store credit in your email.

How much do I need to pay to list my product?

Product listing is completely free. Biscuit keeps a 10% commission from each sale you make for hosting the resale service. The buyer pays a flat fee of £4 for postage deducted from the sale price of the product.

What happens if the buyer raises a concern/complaint regarding my product?

We understand that second-hand products are not of the same quality as new ones. We encourage you to be as accurate as possible in the information you provide about your product at the time of listing.

If a buyer raises a dispute that the products received do not match the information in the listing in any way, we review the dispute request and attempt to resolve it within 5 days. In the event that we find that the product doesn’t match the listing to a reasonable extent, we cancel the transaction.

If a buyer’s complaint is valid then they have 5 days to post the item back to the seller, and will be eligible to a refund, in which case a credit note for Biscuit will not be issued to you.

How do I report any other issues I am facing?

Please contact us on – We aim to respond to you within 5 working days.

What if the product does not match the photos and/or description in the listing?

Once you receive a product, you have 72 hours to raise a dispute request by contacting us on - We will review your dispute request and try our best to resolve your concerns within 5 working days. If your request is successful, please post back the item to the Seller, with confirmation of a valid tracking number within 5 days for a full refund (less original shipping fees).

How do you approve listings?

Resale Future verifies that the listed product was originally purchased from Biscuit’s website. We also ensure that the listing has recent photographs and sufficient information about the product where we perform a digital QA.

We encourage sellers to be as honest & accurate as possible when creating a listing and rely on the information provided by them for the listing.

What if I change my mind?

Resale Future transactions are not reversible. We do not offer returns unless the product does not match the condition listed. Please make sure you have reviewed the item and it’s condition carefully.

How does shipping work?

Once your purchase has been registered, we will send you tracking information for your product, please allow 48hrs. Shipping items from the resale collections takes longer than the regular collection of products as the verified items are shipped from the seller.

How do I report any other issues I am facing?

Please contact us on – We aim to respond to you within 5 working days.