The Great Indoors - Bringing the outside in.

We are in the fifth week of lockdown and life is just getting harder for us all.

We have been made very aware of the importance to look after our mental health. For me being stuck indoors for hours with my children has been challenging and rewarding in equal measure. I crave the outdoors and I am one of the lucky ones that live in the countryside and has a garden. I am no gardener but I fiddle and with my husband we manage half an acre. Trust me its hard work.

For those of you who struggle with getting outdoors, bringing in flowers or foliage for your table will be uplifting.


Thank goodness it is Spring and the birds are singing and the bulbs are beginning to bloom.

Over Easter I lopped off a few branches of blossom for our Easter tree and now I am enjoying picking the new blooms of hyacinths, narcissi, tulips and bluebells. I am not a florist but I think flowers speak for them themselves, especially bulbs and here above I have bulked out the bunch with a flowering currant and the new blooms of euphorbia.


If you don't have a plentiful supply of bulbs, here I have used one stem of narcissi and one stem of burbage that grows like a weed around the shed! And I think it is perfect for your bedside table. This will be the first thing you will wake up to and I promise it will make you smile.


I picked up this trio of vases years ago and they are just fantastic for small spring blooms. We now sell similar ones that can do the same job. Here I have put a couple of sprigs in each.

Equally I also just lop off enough blooms from one shrub and creates a wonderful impact with minimum effort.


Sadly I am not sure what this shrub is called but it looks amazing on my kitchen table!

To be honest you don't need cut flowers if you cannot get them and all you may need is a plant of some sort. This can even be the herb pots from the supermarket. Here below, I was given a couple of unremarkable plants from a kind neighbour next to the shop. We found them on our doorstep to look after and they have proven to be a lovely addition to the tops my kitchen cabinets.



If all this is impossible, I never shy away from faux flowers and I collect them when I see good ones.

They are now so realistic and people often mistake these ones above as real. These will also uplift your day.

Finally, if all else fails there are some amazing companies that deliver and I am lucky to be a monthly recipient of a box from Bloom and Wild.

Here are some others below