Coming Full Circle - Sustainability and Second Hand September

Sustainability - how to become circular with biscuit

Sustainability is more than just a buzz word or trend. As a fashion business, we know first hand the importance of doing our part to protect the environment and become more sustainable - from recyclable packaging to the brands we work with and pieces we buy. If you want to read more about the sustainable brands we carry and our packaging you can read our Shop Green blog here.

As the Second Hand September and circularity movement grows, we are doing our best to ensure that all our brands are sourced with the intention that they are high quality and can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

Biscuit Clothing Photoshoot - Three Models and a Dog named Haggis

What is Secondhand September?

A campaign designed to promote donating, reusing, restyling and rewearing your clothes during September and far beyond. Running since 2019, the movement has encouraged thousands to think more about the things they buy and the clothes they have.

How to take part?

What we wear is important - it's the armour we wear to tackle everyday life, it is what makes us feel comfortable, dressed-up, stylish...and the fashion industry is one of the highest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. The climate crisis is here and it has real consequences. Shopping and donating is one of the first steps towards taking part and building a fairer, safer and better world.

Where does Biscuit come in?

It is our aim that each Biscuit purchase is loved for years to come - each item we sell is carefully curated with our customers, the quality, fabric and brand in mind. However if you do wish to part ways with a piece, why not find it a new loving home? This where Biscuit X Resale Future comes in!

We have teamed up with Resale Future to allow you to do just that - a space to sell your clothing purchased with us in return for Biscuit store/online credit. The listing process is simple and selling is just a few clicks away. 

Biscuit X Resale Future - How it Works

 Selling has never been simpler

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