Onwards and Upwards

Biscuit, I could honestly say was a bit of an accident. It was born out of a necessity, a small shop to keep me from going mad when I thought I would be at home with an empty nest (my children at the time were only 10 and 15!). Not to mention that having a family was starting to get expensive!!  I cannot say it had been my absolute dream or that it was destiny. I opened a tiny shop on a cobbled street in the centre of Edinburgh because buying for shops was one thing I knew I could do. The shop on Thistle Street really chose me as it was all that I could afford at the time. I was venturing into a self-funded business - everything on the line with a very understanding husband!

Thistle Street, EdinburghOur Thistle Street, Edinburgh Store

From the moment we opened the Thistle Street doors, I slightly balked. Winning an award for UK's best independent Newcomer, it was an immediate success thanks to the amazing Edinburgh customers - I couldn't believe the response but it had created quite a big problem!! Being the miniature size that it was, there was very little space in the shop which, in turn, made my house become the stockroom. For two years we shared our living room with running rails and boxes stacked in the corner with a family becoming more and more frustrated at not being able to see across the room without staring at a coat or dress in your line of sight.

Bruntsfield Place, EdinburghOur Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh Store

Bruntsfield Place was born to give my family breathing space. A basement for an office so I no longer needed the kitchen table and a larger footprint upstairs to house another shop. Honestly, I hoped the shop would wash its face and facilitate Thistle Street's stock, giving me some office space so we could have our house back. Little did I know or even hope for was the growth of Biscuit. I had to change my mindset, Biscuit was becoming a "grown-up"! Two shops in Edinburgh and by this stage, a pretty insignificant website but with a big ambition! By now my own ambition had started to kick in, looking at opportunities for new shops with my sights firmly set on Glasgow.

Hyndland Road, GlasgowOur Hyndland Road, Glasgow Store

Despite the horrendous ensuing years of lockdowns and uncertainty, I forged ahead, opening my third shop on Hyndland Road in Glasgow. I knew this would start something new for me and I have been so fortunate to have found the love and warmth from the Glaswegians. Supporting me through those first years gave me so much comfort.

And so here we are.... just moved into the fourth property earlier this year just on the bypass outside Edinburgh. A large space for warehousing and offices, and an even larger ambition for the website. We have seen very encouraging growth in our online, again so much more than I could have ever imagined. We are a fabulous team of women, working with grit and determination to take Biscuit to the next level. I have somehow come on a ride that started nearly 10 years ago and there is no way I plan to get off it yet!

Biscuit Thistle Street, Edinburgh

It is with this, that I am announcing that we are closing the doors on Thistle Street. The little shop on the cobbled street in Edinburgh from where it all began. Our lease is nearly up and I felt it was time to hand over the keys to the next small business willing to take a risk, to jump in and see where the ride takes them. I leapt, I prayed, I cried, I squealed even, without Thistle Street who knows? I definitely wouldn't be here working alongside these amazing women who are all endeavouring to make Biscuit a success.