Making Your Wardrobe Work for You - Tailored Items

three ladies wearing tailored blazers

Tailored Pieces

We're back with part three of our wardrobe series and looking at tailored items.

No longer reserved for corporate office environments, good tailoring can really transform your wardrobe. From a well cut blazer which is is a fail-safe way to pull any outfit together - from leggings and hoodies to dresses and skirts - to a great pair of tailored trousers taking you from day to night, tailoring is definitely a wardrobe essential !

So which tailored pieces do you like best and how do you ensure quality and fit?

1. Tailored Blazer

A crucial item, we believe, in any wardrobe is a great tailored blazer. Whether neutral, patterned or checked, a great blazer or jacket can really set the tone of your outfit! Complementing many styles and situations - think simple errand to summer wedding - investing in at least one tailored blazer can help build your ideal capsule wardrobe come Spring or Winter!

As with most clothing, it is the details that make the difference. One to two buttons is typical, as are notch lapels, however peaked lapels and double breasted fits are also something to consider if looking for a slightly more refined or unique finish.

Remember that the word 'tailored' needn't be scary - to some it translates as expensive and out of reach, or tight and uncomfortable. Neither needs to be the case! First and foremost the desire for oversized tailoring now far outweighs the market looking for close fitting items. Secondly, the array of options on offer means that getting the perfect blazer which is of good quality and at a great price point is now far easier than every before.

If you did want the perfect tailored fit, we recommend these tips:

  • Blazer cuff should fall to the wrist bone so that watches and bracelets are just visible to the eye
  • Blazers should fit snug but not tight across the back with the top of the sleeve starting where the shoulder naturally ends
  • The waist should be tailored to taper in slightly and softly hug the body
  • When fastened, there should be no straining at the buttons.
girl wearing an oversized tailored blazer

Here are a few of our favourite classic blazers

Looking for some styling inspiration?

three ladies wearing tailored blazers

2. Tailored Trousers

Much like finding the perfect pair of jeans, searching for the best trousers to suit you can be a challenge. With so many options to choose from, sometimes avoiding the whole situation can be a whole lot easier.

But understanding how versatile tailored trousers can be, it might just be in your best interests to go on the hunt! If shopping in store, it really is a case of trying on styles that appeal, online is trickier of course, but we would recommend looking at different shapes, lengths and colours to get a good idea of the kind of style and tailoring that suits you.

It's also important to pay attention to fabric - for tailoring in particular - you may want to look at fabric compositions that include wool or natural fabrics which are known to keep their shape after wear.

Length is also something to consider if you plan to wear a pair with flats and heels - a length that works for both is certainly easier to manage, however if you like your hem to kiss the floor regardless of footwear, make sure you find a good tailor or are handy with a needle and thread!

Don't forget to consider your pucrhase - there is no point buying a pair of trousers that you can't work and style into your wardrobe because it doesn't go with anything you already have - tonally or otherwise!

girl wearing cream tailored trousers

Looking for some styling inspiration?

three ladies wearing tailored trousers

HEre are a few of our favourite trousers right now: