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Find your perfect pair of jeans

We love jeans, whatever the season! But finding the perfect fit and wash for you can certainly be a challenge, particularly when sizing varies so much between brands. To help, we have created the ultimate guide to our jeans, covering styles from Mos Mosh, to Ichi and Bellerose, as well as our most popular styles from Straight to Flared.


Straight leg denim has become hugely popular over the last few years - due in large part to the re-emergence of 90s fashion and nostalgia! Great news for those who loathe skinny jeans, the straight leg is definitely a much more comfortable style.

As if that wasn't enough to pique our interest, straight styles are knows to be universally flattering, and depending how you style them, can also work to elongate the leg. Depending on your body shape, however we would also advise paying close attention to the rise and hem length of your jean when picking your straight style.

Athletic Shape - mid to high rise will help to establish a defined waistline. Looser fit will create the illusion of more curves and lengthen your limbs.

Hourglass Shape - you already have a defined waist so you are looking for a mid to high rise which lays flat against your waist with no bunching.

Bottom Heavy - the best shape for your figure, skims your bottom half instead of clinging to create a more balanced silhouette overall.

Inverted Triangle - provides more volume to your leg and hip area, Wide Leg styles also work well on your figure!

Straight  leg jean on female

Here are a few of our favourites:

Wide Leg Jeans

Add oomph to your outfit with a wide legged jean - harking back to the golden era of music and abandon, this seventies style is a forever favourite! Much like straight styles, wide leg jeans are considered to be a very flattering style working on most body shapes. We love them paired with heels and a blouse for a chic day or night look.

Athletic Shape - purchase high rise styles for that nipped in waist. The wider the leg the more flattering the illusion of shape

Hourglass Shape - made for your shape, these will fit to your curves beautifully, buy in mid to high rise with a conservative flare.

Bottom Heavy - a good mid rise style with a generous leg width length will really balance out your shape here, don't shy away from this style! 

Inverted Triangle Shape - the perfect style for you, wear in a high rise with a very wide leg.

a lady carrying coffe wearing wide leg jeans

Here are a few of our favourites:


A style of jean that we don't see as much but is definitely one to consider. Classically, the flared jean works well to balance out the figure and add more shape overall. Working particularly well on athletic shapes, as well as hourglass figures, this style skims the thigh and begins to flare just below the knee.

You can be as conservative as you want with the flare, however we have to say we love this style in a darker wash with heels for a smarted occasion or office look. Lighter washes lend themselves better to day looks with a shirt or luxe cashmere sweater. If casual is the name of the game, try pairing with a simple long sleeved t-shirt and trainers like Kirsty (pictured).

Of course you can play with the leg length here too - kicking out just to the bottom, these shorter styles can often create the illusion of height. Pair with a pair of loafers and you are all set!

Lady wearing a light wash flared jean

Cargo Jeans

A marmite style amongst many, the cargo trend is back, and in denim! Recognized by their slouchy pockets and roomy silhouette, these have become a favourite for front row fashionistas.

Typically straight, although some have cuffed bottoms, we are seeing them just as much dressed up with heels as down with trainers and ballet flats.

When pressed, Kendall Becker, a leading trend forecaster, suggested their rise follows our more street-style-centric approach to fashion whereby looks seen off the runway become just as important as those seen on the runway. Furthermore "as we stick with easy knits on top, we're looking for newness in bottoms to bring a fresh perspective to our wardrobes."

Fancy giving them a go? We have a couple of styles available:

a lady wearing a knit jumper and cargo style jean

With so many styles on offer, the only thing to do now is explore our denim collection in full. Once there, you can filter down by product type and brand to find your perfect pair. We have photographed a selection of styles and fits in this article on Kirsty. Kirsty is 5foot 6 and a UK8-10, we detail is each product description which size kirsty is wearing along with any relevant notes on measurements we have available.

pile denim on the chair