The Chelsea Flower Show 2024

What The Chelsea Flower Show means to us and what you need to see this year

Flowers at The Chelsea Flower Show 2024

After what has felt like an endless Winter, nothing could signify the arrival of Spring quite like the annual Chelsea Flower Show. The highlight of the horticultural calendar, The Chelsea Flower Show is one of the best garden events in the world, attracting around 170,000 visitors to celebrate and appreciate the beauty of the flowers, plants and the natural world!

So what can we expect? Well, sustainability is expected to be a central theme once again, with designers keen to demonstrate that overall design does not have to be compromised by a low carbon footprint. In fact, the gardens on show this year will be the greenest since the show's first opening in 1913.

Quintessentially British, the Chelsea Flower Show is a must for all gardening enthusiasts, but more than that, it is a core part of the social season within the UK, alongside Wimbledon and the Henley Regatta. A place where people can enjoy champagne and Pimms with their strawberries and Chelsea Buns! It also has the Royal Connecion and the magic of escape within stunning tranquil gardens despite being very much nestled within the hustle and bustle of London.

Our Must - See Gardens

The Bridgerton Garden

Designed by: Holly Johnston

Built by: Stewart Landscape Construction

Based on Penelope Featherington's wallflower-like character, The Bridgerton Garden is a secluded haven set within a moongate which leads to a tiered water feature and sunken seating area.

One side of the garden is largely shaded - alluding to themes of mystery, turmoil and defiance, with layers of groundcover, ferns and ivy throughout, intended to represent a woven network of secrets. In contrast, the other half of the garden is brighter, with a sophisticated palette of colours. A ‘full bloom’ effect designed to be symbolic of Penelope embracing her true self and coming into the light.

Bridgerton Garden
Bridgerton Garden Central
Bridgerton Garden, Chelsea Flower Show

Flood Re: The Flood Resilient Garden

Designed by: Naomi Slade & Dr Ed Barsley

Built by: Belderbos Landscapes, in assoc. with Water Artisans

A garden designed to be both enjoyable and relatable but moreover, to reduce flood risk and recover quickly after heavy rainfall.

The use of dense planting is key in slowing the water flow, while water is also captured for use later:

"After heavy rain, the elevated deck and mound - linked by a bridge over a central swale - provide both habitable places for people, and well-drained soil for the plants that need it. The swale forms a stream, channelling rainwater into a feature pond where it can gradually soak away, while large tanks double as ornamental ponds which store water for later use, and can be discharged ahead of further rain using smart-technology."

Flood Garden, Chelsea Flower Show

The Water Aid Garden

Designed by: Tom Massey and Je Ahn

Built by: Landscape Associates

Exploring the challenges presented by climate change, The WaterAid Garden focuses on sustainable water management whilst featuring a colourful spectrum of plants which deal well with varying rainfall.

The garden makes use of reclaimed and repurposed materials for a lighter carbon footprint with a rainwater-harvesting pavilion at it's centre. The structure harvests every drop of rain, filters and stores it for drinking and irrigating. It also slows the water flow and provides shade from the heat.

Water Aid Garden, Chelsea Flower Show

What the Celebrities are wearing

It isn't all flowers of course, The Chelsea Flower show enjoys thousands of visitors, including many celebrities looking for inspiration amongst the gardens. These are some of our favourite looks so far - from simple white dresses to bold patterns.
Daisy Edgar Jones
Amanda Holden in Pink Dress
Dame Mary Berry
Indira Varma

What we would wear