Caring for your cashmere jumpers and accessories will mean they last the test of time and that you will still be wearing them in years to come. Yes cashmere can be seen as a costly investment but it lasts and when it is properly cared for it will still look new after years of wear. 

All wool and natural fibres will pill and this is not a fault of the fibre. To help minimise pilling avoid excess rubbing with keys, bags, coats, zips etc. 

Regular washing is the most effective way to help maintain the appearance of your cashmere as after about 10 washes the excess fibres that cause the pilling will almost disappear completely.

Follow the Biscuit Cashmere Care Guide to ensure your cashmere lasts...

  • Always hand wash cool 
  • Use special cashmere shampoo/detergent 
  • Never machine wash 
  • Never wring out your sweater when wet 
  • Roll in a clean dry towel and squeeze gently allowing the towel to soak up excess water
  • Place on a fresh dry towel on the floor and leave to dry naturally (keep away from heat sources as this creates felting)
  • Never iron, steam with a clothes steamer if needed 
  • Use an anti-pilling cashmere comb when dry to gently remove pilling 
  • To bring softness back simply spray with water and put into the freezer for a few hours, then rest flat outside the freezer until dry. 

It is very important to let your cashmere rest so never wear it more than 3 days in a row. Allowing it to rest lets the fibres rebuild and helps to keep the sweaters natural flexibility. 

We would also recommend cedar balls and dried lavender to protect your cashmere from the dreaded moths, remembering to soak the cedar balls yearly in cedar oil!