What will be in my stocking?? Questions asked and answered by Amanda, the founder of Biscuit.

With a couple of weeks left until the big ho ho ho day, the question I am asking is what do I want to have this christmas?

With a couple of gorgeous parties on the horizon and dinner invitations mingled with Carol Concerts, I am reaching for my Stine Goya dress. Whats not to love about it? I love the colours, the beautiful silk, the weight as it falls to below the knee. It is my go to dress where I feel glamorous the moment I put it on!!




Number one present I would love to receive??? Ohh la la!!! 

You've got it...Chinti and Parker!!!




What am I going to give my in-laws?? Below are some great present ideas.

The marble board for bread, cheese or a lemon for the gin and tonic! This cookbook is brilliant..great recipes and beautiful pictures too and I promise whatever I have tried to cook, it does end up looking like the picture without too much effort!!! Lastly the beautiful scarves in the Jo Edwards range are stunning!!





What am I wearing today as the snow has started to fall??

I always reach for Part Two. I love this range, so easy, simple and classic with a twist. The perfect combination that I love to work, rest and play in!