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With Summer just around the corner (we hope), we are looking forward to all the garden parties, outdoor BBQs and festivals coming our way, however there's no harm in hunkering down to some great film, podcasts and television whilst we wait. Here are a couple of our favourites from this week!

Black Barbie

Last year, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie gave birth to the Barbie-Core phenomenon that saw red carpets and movie premieres awash with all things pink. However a new Netflix Documentary is here to remind us just how long it took to see the first non-white doll in the 1980s.

Black Barbie is a documentary that centres around three black women at Mattel and the incredible role they played in the evolution of the Barbie brand by asking one simple question - ‘Why don’t we make a doll that looks like me?’

Inspired by the women who made the doll a reality, this documentary examines just how significant the creation of the first Black Barbie was and still is to girls in a world where a lack of representation still forces them to question their natural beauty.

Watch the Trailer HERE

Available to stream on Netflix now!

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Taylor Swift Vs Scooter Braun: Bad Blood

Their epic fallout in 2021 was the catalyst to Taylor Swift re-recording her discography. And you could argue that 'Taylor's Version' has only catapulted the singer to greater heights.

Launching this week on Discovery Plus, this two-part documentary dives into the tumultuous relationship between music mogul Scooter Braun and the pop sensation. Running deeper than just money, it looks at the innate misogyny within the music industry as well as the sheer power that a loyal fanbase wields.

Available on Discovery Plus

Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun

Out of The Ordinary - The True Story of the Demise of Brandon Truaxe

Once lauded as a business genius, Brandon Truaxe was behind some of the most well-known beauty and skincare brands including internationally renowned The Ordinary.

This podcast tells the true story of his rise and ultimate demise. Across 15 months from 2017, he went from skincare savant to taking over his companies Instagram account, with daily disturbing messages. He fired staff via social media, accused his fellow shareholders of financial impropriety, was arrested outside the British Prime Minister's house, and was sectioned in the UK before being taken to court in a bitter battle which saw him ousted from his own company. 

Told, in part, in his own voice through the use of AI and cutting edge voice technology, this podcast goes behind the scenes of his company and speaks to those that were closest to him prior to his tragic death in 2019.

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The Veil

Drawn in by the plot and the presence of Elizabeth Moss, who I am sure anyone else suffering from Handmaid's Tale withdrawal will fully appreciate, we binged this drama.

From the creator of Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight's espionage series explores the relationship between two women who play a deadly game of truth and lies, travelling from Istanbul to Paris and London. Layered over the constantly fraught relationships between controllers in the CIA, French DGSE and MI6, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Watch the Trailer HERE

Available to stream on Disney +

The Veil Series

The Trial of Lord Lucan

Co-presented by Caroline Cheetham and Stephen Wright, this Crime Podcast was inspired by the discovery of a report written by a senior detective into the murder of Sandra Rivett.

Coinciding with the 50 year anniversary of the crime, the presenters look at the background of the unprecedented, high society murder which scandalised the UK in the 1970s. We also hear from two eminent barristers who will argue the case in the podcast.

Using exclusive, never before seen documents and riveting testimony, Caroline Cheetham, Stephen Wright along with some of the world's most revered legal minds take part in a week long audio event to determine Lucan's fate... and YOU are the jury.

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The Trial of Lord Lucan