What is a capsule wardrobe?

I for one have been using this time of lockdown to look at my wardrobe. I think I need to declutter, but where do I start? There are many reasons to create a capsule wardrobe but the most important reason is to develop a wardrobe that will give you longevity. Buy less often but buy higher quality. Investing in your clothes will be in the long run more cost efficient plus reduce fashion waste. Every little helps.

First of all attack your wardrobe. Be brutal and having decluttered a few wardrobes in my time for customers and friends, I follow a few golden rules.

Here are a few steps that you can take for yourself.

1) Start with an end goal first, you don't want to get overwhelmed at the first hurdle!!

2) What jumper has bobbled or shrunk? Take a look at any items that are no longer holding the test of time.

3) I hate to say it but, if you haven't worn an item over the last year...time to chuck!! A great tip is put a ribbon on each hanger and when you wear something, take the ribbon off the hanger. How many ribbons are you left with after a year?

4) Colour code your wardrobe so that you can get a clear understanding of what you can mix and match. It will also give you a stark idea as to how many white t-shirts you have or navy jumpers!!!

5) Separate your wardrobe by season and so you can cope with your clothes in two bites.

6) When building back your wardrobe, I start with the foundations..what can I not live without? Then build around the staples. A good pair of jeans, a white shirt, a white t-shirt, a blazer, a leather jacket, a dress for all day through to night.


Part Two Rata White T-Shirt (£24.95), Air and Grace Studded Trainers (£179), Part Two Cannes Blazer (£129.95), Part Two Alice Jeans (£74), Part Two Vifi Dress (£99.95)


7) Including a print is a great way to add flare to your style. You can add even a few but don't go mad and buy lots of prints but if you do, try and keep them all tonal. If everything works together, your mind doesn't get scrambled! Below I have shown you how I have worked in soft pinks and a couple of prints.


Suncoo Claudia Dress (£135), American Vintage Fogwood Knit (£140), Cocouture Madonna Skirt (£69.30), Part Two Rata Pink T-Shirt (£24.95), Lollys Laundry Bonnie Skirt (£130), Bensimon Elly Almond Plimsolls (£35) 

8) I can never get enough of denim and a skirt or dress is a lovely way to add texture to the capsule. Below are the blues and again a print added can just add a bit of fun!


American Vintage Damsville Pannacotta Knit (£115), Second Female Mila Blouse (£99), Part Two Blerina Skirt (£50), Second Female Lilla Dress (£114), Air and Grace Silver Trainers (£143.20), Second Female Adelina Dress (£135)

I know I have shown a summer wardrobe but keep to the same rules and it will be easy. Don't forget to add a few sparkles for those winter dinner parties!!