TOP 10 Trends for AW 2021

The Sweater Vest

No-one can not recognise that there seems to be a thing about a knitted vest. Once only relatable with the older generation as an extra layer to keep the cold out, can now be seen in every high street and runway. Sleek or oversized, patterned or plain...we should all have this layering piece this season.


Sweater vests are making a cozy comeback. Edward Berthelot/Getty Image

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The Cable Knit

Since I am on the subject of the older generation, are you lucky enough to have a granny who knits or a grandfather who has a wonderful cardigan that he no longer wears? My daughter only last month was raiding my fathers wardrobe!!

Cable knits are back whether as a cardigan or a sloppy oversized jumper to cosy up in.


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Ski Chic

Thinking of Eddie the Eagle...DON'T!!

Just think of beautiful fair isles and intarsia knits that were last seen in the 80's that are now the MUST HAVE sweaters in your wardrobe. Loving all the colours that are a step beyond the traditional.

Tim Graham / Getty Images 

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This is a trend that we have seen for a while and can relate to the many winter puffer jackets that are available as overcoats or as a layer. But a follow on from the summer, the artisanal style of the quilted jacket and patchwork has crept into winter. 

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We even have winter quilted handbags.


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Suited and Booted

After months of loungewear and tracksuits, we are desperate to squeeze ourselves back into our suits. Even mix it up if you cannot bear the thought of throwing away your tracksuit bottoms...just wear a blazer and put on heels and you have a great look.


Via instagram @blaireadiebee

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Pop of Colour

Well if there is a little bit of neon on an item , it is as if it has secret fairy dust. We just love it!! The trims of bright colour takes a lovely item to the next level.

Or why not go all the way and just wear a lot of one colour as seen on this seasons runways. Are you that daring??

Via Glamour magazine - Elleme, Molly Goddard, Versace

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Moving from summer to winter. From William Morris to Liberty, prints are here to stay. I am loving putting two clashing prints may sound too much but just go for it. I promise you that there is never enough chintz.


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Double Denim

Yes not since the nineties have we seen double denim, don't be scared.

Just add a camel coat or a sleek blazer to bring it up to date.

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Plaid Please

Tartans to tweeds seem to always be the flavour of the season. Think lumberjacks and lairds... anything goes!


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All the Trimmings

From lace panels to ruffles, pearls and sequins...this trend can finally be let out to party. And gosh we need something to look forward to!! 


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