The Feel Good Cashmere

"absolut cashmere is much more than just a cashmere brand. Our wish is to highlight the beauty, elegance and to reveal the dormant spark within every woman. It is by working with the most beautiful fabric that our stylists imagine strong, qualitative knits, essential to your wardrobe."

 A French cashmere brand with a conscience, Absolut Cashmere aim to create robust and timeless cashmere jumpers that are fun and colourful.

Founded in 2015 by Caroline Tremel with a desire to be THE eco-friendly and responsible label for cashmere. She wanted to brighten women's wardrobes while reducing the ecological impact of cashmere. 

Each season their colour palette fits effortlessly into the Biscuit edit in both our Thistle Street and Bruntsfield stores. For Spring, Amanda has selected a mix of pastel pinks, sky blues and pure whites with a more tropical mix of mango and hot pink for Summer.


Green Attitude

Without compromising on quality Absolut develop and create responsibly with as little impact on the environment as they can manage. They feel that preserving the environment is their main issue so they put maximum effort into respecting both the goats and the breeders. 

 The Source

The brand travels to Inner Mongolia to work with local goat breeders each season to check on not just the quality of the fibres but also the treatment of the animals. 

 "It is essential for us to stay close to our producers in order to work together with the same passion"

 Wool is harvested from the goats between May and June when the weather is warm and goats no longer need their cosy protective layer of wool. By combing the wool as it is harvested the precious fibre is protected keeping it super soft. This also helps the goats to shed their warm coat quicker than allowing them to moult naturally. 

In a further bid to help the environment, Absolut use biodegradable detergents and promote fair trade. The goats live on organic pastures and as the breeders are rigorously tested, the brand and customer can be reassured that they are very well looked after. 

The brand states that by buying a piece of Absolut Cashmere, you are contribution to the evolution of more ethical fashion. As quality is always a priority and the timeless designs are set to face the test of time, these sweaters will last you many years to come. 


So there you have it, gorgeous soft cashmere that doesn't harm the planet in the same way mass produced lower quality pieces do.  At Biscuit we see a cashmere sweater as an investment that will last. A special piece worth looking after so you are still wearing it years after purchasing. 

Caring for your cashmere is something worth doing...


All wool and natural fibres will pill and this is not a fault of the fibre. To help minimise pilling  avoid excess rubbing with bags, coats and zips. 

Regular washing is the most effective way to help your jumper look great and last as after about 10 washes the excess fibres that cause the pilling will almost disappear.

  • Always hand wash cool 
  • Use special wool detergent 
  • Never machine wash 
  • Never wring out your sweater when wet 
  • Roll in a clean dry towel and squeeze allowing the towel to soak up excess water
  • Place on a fresh dry towel on the floor and leave to dry naturally (keep away from heat sources as this creates felting)
  • Never iron, steam with a clothes steamer if needed 
  • Use an anti-pilling cashmere comb when dry 
  • To bring softness back simply spray with water and put into the freezer for a few hours, then rest flat outside the freezer until dry. 

It is very important to let your cashmere rest so never wear it more than 3 days in a row. Allowing it to rest lets the fibres rebuild and helps to keep the sweaters flexibility. 

We would also recommend cedar balls and dried lavender to protect your cashmere from the dreaded moths, remembering to soak the cedar balls yearly in cedar oil! 

Absolut Cashmere sell their own cashmere care kits here:


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