The Fairisle

What makes a fairisle jumper a genuine fairisle?
Do they have to be knitted on the remote islands of Shetland, are there specific patterns that are only used and does it matter what yarn they are knitted in?
Well the answers to all of these questions are that if it is a genuine Fairisle, it has to have been knitted on the beautiful islands of Shetland, using the wool from the sheep grazing on the land and they are all knitted on the themes of the same pattern. Because the sheep live on these remote islands, the wool has a natural wind and rain resistance so it is perfect for those wet windy days.
But for as long as I can remember, the fairisle jumper has always had a place in every fashionable wardrobe. They have been synonymous with well to do country folk. From past Kings to Princess Diana.
And as we can see from the image above, any colour goes and really any pattern.
We are now treated to an array colours and styles, from rollbacks to v-necks, vest knits and the classic crew.
And you don't have to wear it just with jeans or cords...anything goes including sequins!!
Brands such as ICHI for the classic pattern below.
And JUMPER1234 have introduced fun fairisle patterns crossed with rickrack and the results are just fabulous!
And the introduction of our newest brand LOWIE for their 100% wool jumpers in beautiful fun colours. The choice is endless.