No one can really miss this trend. From band tees to logos to days of the week, these are just a rising trend that never really went away

From the early days when Katherine Hamnett first showed us her political tees alongside Vivienne Westwood to now, rainbows across our chests in solidarity with the amazing NHS, slogans have never been more popular.



Why wear a slogan t-shirt and aren't I too old?

I don't think we are ever too old and it is about making a statement. A statement to what you believe in or support or just wanting to make an impact to what you are wearing. To be honest anything goes at the moment. We have been cooped up at home, have not been going out and not being able to see anyone has been very challenging. I for one will be shouting about how I feel with the new t-shirts that are now available.


Five Love T-shirt


Suncoo Bonjour T-shirt


Hayley Menzies Safari T-shirt


Scotch and Soda "Life giving us Lemons" sweatshirt


Scotch and Soda Paradise T-shirt


Berenice Friday Sweater


The Bezo zodiac collection is available in both white and grey with every star sign constellation made up from pastel embroidered stars, £45. 

Black Star Good Times Sweatshirt

Still to come for Summer are the classic band tees from MKT Studio with Bowie and Blondie prints, slogan t-shirts from French brand Berenice and shooting star sweatshirts from Jumper1234. All due to arrive in the coming weeks so stay tuned! 

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