Simple Sofa Supper

Looking for a quick and easy recipe for home made fresh pasta? Then read on... 

Ingredients for 2 

  • 140g Plain Flour 
  • 2 Medium Eggs (1 whole and 1 yolk)
  • Extra flour for dusting 


  • 2 Medium eggs 
  • 40g Parmesan
  • Chopped parsley (I used dried) 
  • 1 pack of Bacon lardons/pancetta or 4 sausages cut into small bite size chunks, for veggies mushrooms are a yummy alternative 
  • 1 Gin and Tonic or something similar to keep you refreshed.


  1. Tip the flour onto a clean surface and crack egg and extra egg yolk into a well in the centre. 

2. Knead briskly for a few minute until the dough forms, you don't want it to be sticky. Then wrap in clingfilm or beeswax wrap and leave somewhere cool for half an hour. 

3. Whisk the eggs with 3/4 of the grated Parmesan and a pinch of parsley in a bowl and set to the side for the sauce.

4. Fry your meat or veg in a little oil to get them nice and crispy.

5. After your half hour is up your dough is ready to go. We have the most amazing pasta maker by Imperia which is widely available online (£69.95 from John Lewis) Make sure the machine is clamped firmly onto a unit or table. If you don't have a pasta machine then you can roll out into continuous long strips with a rolling pin. 

6. Pasta makers have setting to bring the rollers closer together so starting at the first one (rollers further apart) and with a dusting of flour start turning your dough through. 

7. Complete the process moving the rollers closer together each time. It's important not to skip any of the stages on the roller. 

8. You'll get to the point where you have more than one piece of dough as it gets thinner and longer its a good idea to cut the pieces into manageable lengths. You can use this method to make lasagne sheets and you can cut the dough yourself into fettuccine. 

9. Our pasta maker has an attachment for linguine and spaghetti. So once that is attached its simply a case of feeding the sheets through to create the preferred shape. We love the linguine size. Tip is never to wash the pasta maker as water can cause it to rust. Simply clean with dry kitchen roll. 

10. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil and cook the pasta for a few minutes, depending on how cooked you like it. Drain and then pop back into the pan with the hot meat/mushrooms and the bowl of eggs/cheese and parsley. Stir it all together off the heat and plate immediately. Sprinkle with the remaining cheese and parsley and season to taste. 

And there you have it, a simple sofa supper of fresh pasta!