O Christmas Tree - Minimalist, Maximalist and Everything In Between

Whilst not one to get overly excited for Christmas - there are no Christmas songs playing in the Biscuit office...or tinsel - I have to admit that a good rummage on instagram and pinterest has poked holes in my Christmas armour this year!

As someone who thrives on colour, texture, shape, sparkle and everything in between, I very much see Biscuit as an extension of my personality. And so, because I am not really doing a traditional Christmas this year, I have earmarked a few things that have tickled me over the past week or so...whether looking for festive party inspo, unique tree decorations or just general cheer!

Christmas Decorating


Jane Asher Fancy Dress

Christmas Tree Hair 1960

Minimalist Christmas Trees


Maximalist Christmas Trees


Christmas candles and general decor

Shop Decor and Giftwrap

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