New Years Resolutions

Week 1 of 2019 is already behind us and we all are slowly getting back into the swing of things after the very busy Christmas period. The shops may be in a sale mess and may not be looking their best but behind the scenes we have been looking forward to what the New Year will bring.

There is nothing better than starting afresh at the start of the year.  Not only personally but professionally. We have people who have moved on to exciting projects and new staff arrive with their own aspirations.

Each one of us at Biscuit have our own resolution and I thought it fun to share them with you to perhaps laugh at or maybe even inspire!!!


"Firstly, I have embarked on a quiet dry January..I say quiet because I don't want to jinx it by shouting over the rooftops. I know my will power is non existent and so I am trying Dry January with no expectations. I am travelling a lot over this month on buying trips so it will be hard as I find a glass of wine hard to resist at the best of times. The Yogi in me, says do what I can but don't beat myself up about it if I don't get through January without a drink.

Secondly, I have just signed up to a healthy food plan with Mindful Chef. It is a trial to see how I can learn to cook more efficiently and healthily. I love their ethos, using fresh produce and sourcing food ethically and responsibly. They also front a charity  that provides a school meal to a child in poverty with every meal they sell. All packaged environmentally, they even provide a 4 week returns service for all the packaging to be reused or recycled. First food box arrived last night."




“I decided a few years ago to make it my resolution to visit 3 new countries a year, in hope of making it to the majority of the world by the time I’m 75... I hate the idea of going to the same place twice when there’s so much out there to see. Last year I only managed two so I need to play catch up this year! With Estonia and Finland booked for Spring, I’m looking for new recommendations!”


"Every year that I can remember my resolution has been to lose those extra pounds that crept on over the Christmas period.  This year is no different and here I am typing this with my tummy rumbling as I'm back on the 5:2 diet and today is a fasting day ..... I'm already thinking about tomorrow's breakfast!!

My other resolution is to continue to learn to ski! I amazed myself and my family this Christmas by joining them on the slopes for the first time. I was even more surprised that I enjoyed myself and I'm determined to continue with my new found skill!  So I'm booking myself in for some more dry ski slope lessons and am determined to be doing parallel turns by my next holiday.  I was slightly disheartened by the video my husband took of me skiing on our last day - I felt that I was flying along at 50 miles an hour but in reality I looked like a terrified tortoise! Oh well, I can only get better!!


“A few years ago I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and cleared through everything in  my home... apart from my beloved clothes!! So my resolution is to donate the clothes I no longer want or need - the pieces I keep “just in case” but always talk myself out of wearing! It’s made me quite bad for wearing the same thing everyday and not being adventurous enough with my wardrobe - so my second resolution is to revamp my wardrobe and style for 2019.... I’m sure I’ll deserve some retail therapy after the big clear out!


“I’m one of those who always begins the New Year with such good intentions but by March all those good intentions fall to the wayside. But I have made myself a promise that this year it’s going to be different! So I have 2 resolutions for this year…

At the end of last year I joined the gym that is a 3 minute walk from my flat and it’s 24 hours so I really have no excuse anymore. So resolution no. 1 is to build sessions at the gym into my weekly routine.

If you are ever lucky enough (or perhaps unlucky enough :-) ) to get me onto the subject on books you’ll quickly find out that I am quite the bookworm!! That being said, I only read 4 books last year!!!! Shocking!!! So resolution no. 2 is to read more, specifically before bed. After my dismal total last year I’m aiming for 10 this year! If you’re popping in feel free to check up on my total if you see me.

Bring on 2019!!”


“For 2019 my first ever New Years resolution is going to be to look after all the lovely toys that my friends buy me. Apparently it’s not very nice to pull the heads off my soft toys on the same day they are given to me (sorry Ellen).  I will also try my hardest not to leave the Biscuit office so messy at the end of my working day.” 



" I have been told by my family that my breath is rather stinky, so my resolution is not to put up such a fight when I have my teeth brushed. I can't see the problem with it all but I have been assured that it does because when in the car, they have to drive with the windows down!!"