Meet Team Biscuit

Meet them team behind the custard cream... 


Sales Assistant 

Favourite Biscuit: Chocolate Bourbon... It's just a classic! So many layers, great for dunking and a childhood fave!

Favourite Brand: It's hard to pick just one favourite brand at Biscuit, but if I have to, I'd say American Vintage. It's a beautiful brand, I love how they use natural materials and design timeless pieces which can be worn season after season. Each piece is sophisticated, elegant and manufactured to a high quality.

Favourite Autumn Trend: The outfit that I love for Autumn is a floaty skirt or dress with an oversized rollneck jumper. I love how versatile two pieces can be - whether you're dressing them up with some heels and big earrings or dressing it down with trainers and a headband. I think it's a really easy style to adapt. So take a look in your wardrobe at dresses which you thought were only for weddings or events, add a beautiful Ichi, YaYa or Des Petits Haut rollneck and away you go!

Best thing about working for an Independent: I love working for an Independent because you get to be a part of every stage of the business. You see how much effort goes into each day from the staff and how happy everyone is with each purchase. It's your extended family and you want to perform as well as you can so you don't let the team down. In the future I want to own my own independent business, so I believe in supporting others as much as I can.


Weekend Supervisor 

Favourite Biscuit: Chocolate digestive - perfect on it’s own or dipping in my cup of tea!

Favourite Brand: There are so many amazing brands to choose from. I love Part Two for building a wardrobe around, so many classic shapes. I also love POM Amsterdam, I mean how can you not!! The colours, the fabrics, the designs 😍

Favourite Autumn Trend: LAYERING!! As someone who gets cold all the time, this is a god send!! Whether it’s layering a fine roll-neck under a blouse or a hoodie under a cord jacket you can remain stylish while being warm...bonus!

Best thing about working for an Independent: Working for an independent business like Biscuit is amazing. It’s honestly like a little family. I’ve worked for a few big brand names in the past and you can find yourself just being a number to the big bosses and there was always the push push push to the money ringing. Not here. Sure we all need to make a living but at Biscuit it’s much more about the people, about making that personal connection with the customer. You get to know people, it’s really lovely.


Thistle Street Supervisor 

Favourite Biscuit: custard cream, because they're just wonderful and good for dipping in my tea! 

Favourite Brand: Absolute Cashmere and YAYA: Absolute cashmere is great value for money, fabulous colours and some of the snuggly softest cashmere! and YAYA, because it super cute and cosy, and also great for gifts!

Favourite Autumn Trend: Layering, ankle boots with turned up jeans or skirts and CORDUROY!!

Best thing about working for an Independent: Coming from management in huge retail companies, it's so refreshing to work for Biscuit. Running the Thistle street shop for Amanda is super fun, and I have to say, I think it's the best job I've had! 
Every day in Thistle Street is different, from my regular customers popping in to see what new goodies I have in store or whether it's just for a chat, to new customers and visitors to Edinburgh, who have never visited Biscuit before. 
I love educating customers on the gorgeous brands I have here and where they are from, the business, and our company ethos. I'm super passionate about the experience customers have when they come into this little shop. From setting the tone with music to the beautiful colours and fabrics I have in store. I like to merchandise it in a way that customers can simply take their time, relax and not get flustered while choosing an outfit or a gift for a party they're attending, and at the same time, have a chat with and build new relations with customers. At the end of the day, it's the customers that make the business! 
I'm also an advocate for getting my customers to try on new styles and colours they wouldn't usually go for, my mantra is, 'you don't know until you try'. 
I love the Thistle street store as it's like my baby to preen every day, I love the brands I have in Thistle street and a I'm a sucker for Autumn & winter fashion. All the gorgeous dresses and thick cosy sweaters I have at the moment are just yummy! However my excitement blossoms even more when I see the all the other stock in Bruntsfield when I get to visit when I'm not working!
So much to choose from between both these gorgeous shops, there's a dress, sweater and a pair of cords for everyone!!


Sales Assistant 

Favourite Biscuit: My favourite biscuit is definitely a bourbon because it is the most chocolate-y of biscuits.

Favourite Brand: My favourite brand at Biscuit is Des Petits Hauts. All of the French brands are my favourites but I like this one particularly because their pieces are always very simple and understated yet incredibly detailed and tailored.

Favourite Autumn Trend: I’m loving statement trousers this autumn. Whether it’s velvet, cord or a fun pattern, I’m enjoying all the different textures and colours to play with.

Best thing about working for an Independent: How personal and intimate it is which I feel really translates over to the customers and just makes for a really relaxed environment all round.


Sales Assistant

Favourite Biscuit: It has to be a classic jammy dodger, a great biscuit to dip into tea or just eat the whole packet.

Favourite Brand: At the moment it is Bellerose. I love all their textiles and fabric choices, the colourful velvets, silks and faux furs – it’s a really nice mix of textures that can be layered multiple ways for autumn.

Favourite Autumn Trend: My favourite trend at the moment is matching a midi skirt with a long oversized jumper. A bold print and patterned skirt with a simple soft jumper goes really together and can be both dressed up and down which I like.

Best thing about working for an Independent: It provides a real sense of inspiration. The merchandising of the store means both I and the customer are able to understand how each print, textile and colour match and how they can be styled and worn. Each season brings a whole new range of unique designs which reflect the current trends of that season - which I sometimes struggle to find on the high street. I love working in a business which sells items from carefully selected quality companies which continue to bring out beautiful designs that are both stunning and distinctive. Working at a shop like Biscuit allows me to be much more personal with the customer, finding out exactly what pieces they’re looking for and how I can help them create an outfit they can feel comfortable and happy in.


Ecommerce Manager 

Favourite Biscuit: Walkers chocolate chip shortbread, the crumblier the better.

Favourite Brand: Des Petits Hauts, I love a French brand as they fit small and as I'm 5ft so the tall Danish brands are no good for me! I adore the colourful mohair pieces and the attention to detail with the small olden buttons and unique prints. 

Favourite Autumn Trend: Checks, checks and more checks, everything from tartan to houndstooth. My Part two Pontas check trousers are my new favourite (they're cropped so they are the perfect length!!)

Best thing about working for an Independent: You really feel like you are part of something as you get the chance to can see and learn the ropes of all the areas of the business. From serving customers to packaging up orders for customers as far away as Singapore...and of course getting to bring my dog to work with me everyday is a huge bonus! 


Sales Assistant 

Favourite Biscuit: Chocolate Digestive - simple yet the best for dunking in your mug of tea. 

Favourite Brand: Yaya, they do great pieces for wardrobe staples, they're classic simple and very easy to wear. 

Favourite Autumn Trend: Layering from underneath with polo neck jumpers under pretty blouses and hoodies under corduroy jackets or big Winter coats. 

Best thing about working for an Independent: It would have be seeing everything from start to finish - the buying process, visual merchandising, sales and everything in between. Previously I have worked for larger companies where head office wasn't even in the UK!


Sales Assistant 


Favourite Biscuit: Cadbury's chocolate fingers, they're great for a wee treat!

Favourite Brand: Lollys Laundry - the fit and shapes in all the colourful prints are something different and the price point is fab! 

Favourite Autumn Trend: Structured corduroy in all different colours for me is the key look for Autumn, I love my Part Two pink ones. 

Best thing about working for an Independent: I love being involved in the whole process and being part of the close knit team.