Lovingly Made in the Pink City

Pink City Prints was founded by Molly Russell after she graduated form Glasgow School of Art. Drawn to the colour and craftsmanship of India, Molly went to live in Jaipur where she learned the process of making these colourful designs from start to finish. 


India has such an immensely rich culture of craft forms I’m constantly finding new processes to work with. It’s so inspirational, my senses are alive and I find beauty everywhere but craft is dying out, we must do all we can to use and promote them.

Each piece is lovingly hand made in workshops vetted by Molly herself where employees are treated with respect and care. The workers are paid double the Indian minimum wage and work no more than 8 hours a day.

The cotton used is hand-spun on looms in villages just outside of Kolata, near the Bangladesh border, and then its woven in the weavers own homes. The weavers take such care and attention to quality that they weave only about 3-4 metres each day. 

Next it's onto the colourful bit, block printing, this unique process is an ancient and traditional crafting technique which belongs to Jaipur. 

First the design is drawn onto a large slab of wood before the pattern is etched out using a metal cutter. The level of skill involved is amazing, as some Indian motifs are incredibly intricate. The wood block is them dipped into the colour tray and applied carefully to the fabric.  

"The stitching unit in Jaipur is light and airy. The staff have been there for years and it feels very much like a big family. I spend most of my days there when I’m in Jaipur and I feel very thankful to be working with this talented and hard working team."

So there you have it, feel good fashion to last a life time! 

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