Introducing Hayley Menzies

Hayley Menzies began on a vintage stall on Portobello Road Market in 2011 selling handmade and recycled fur scarves. From their Menzies grew a loyal following of stylish customers who covet her eye-catching printed designs. 

Hayley Menzie's fashion background began at London college of fashion with a degree in design and styling which was then followed by yoga training in Thailand and running a nightlife business at the height of London's rave scene. 

Menzies is described as 'expressive, spontaneous and a little wild' which is certainly visible in her out there prints and colour clashes. 


Sticking to her routes, inspiration is taken from the spirit of Portobello Road with references to her travels in Goa and treasures she finds at vintage stalls.

Each unique design begins life as a hand drawn sketch.

The core values of the fashion label stand as being:

Sustainable - fabrics are carefully sourced & the brand know the people making each piece. 

High Quality - to make sure the pieces stand the test of time and all the adventures of the wearer. 

Empowering Women - choosing mother daughter run factories in Romania & Bulgaria. 

"We are constantly working on new ways to reduce our footprint and believe that our choices should have positive effect on the people, elements and the surrounding environment each step of the way."

Now stocked in over 100 stores in 17 different countries globally, we are delighted to add the British brand to our edited collection at Biscuit. 

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Images used are from the Hayley Menzies 'about us' blog (