How to...Shop Sales & Win

Sales shopping can be a bit of a minefield. Sooo, to give you the best heads up on how to shop Sales and win, we asked some of our favourite Instagram fashion influencers how they do it. Happy Sales shopping!

Natasha Poliszczuk, freelance journalist and content creatorNatasha Polisczcuk instagrammer and influencer on shopping Sales

Natasha is pictured wearing Pink City Prints Robyn Indigo Dress

"My sales strategy is twofold! Firstly, I cast an eye over my existing wardrobe and identify any gaps in what I think of as the classic linchpin pieces. So, this year, I have my eye out for wide-ish leg jeans (I like the look of Seventy + Mochi), a pair of beige trousers, a navy knit). But I also treat it as the opportunity to pick up the pieces I've hankered after all season, yet have not been able to justify the splurge. (Forever pieces, too, but in a different way.) Although, I admit that, sometimes, the heart wants what it wants - and I am inexorably drawn to a dress: maybe another Pink City Prints number?!"

Emily Fitch Miller, freelance art director & content creator

Emily shops for out of season classics

"So my rule of thumb with Sales shopping is to not get seduced by price decreases that entice you into buying something that is just a great price and not really 'You' or "Your style", which is easily done when prices are slashed by 50-75%. After a life spent in fashion I have learnt to be restrained and only spend on something that I really know is my perfect piece or accessory. So I would use the Sales to buy myself a forever piece that I know I will wear again and again. Or I would invest in a bag something that is a bit out of my price range. I also look at my favourite designers when their collections go on Sale searching for the kind of pieces that are timeless and what I want to invest in.  If I can get them on Sale I am thrilled! I would still weigh up cost per wear and never ever buy a size too small thinking I'll fit into it one day..! That day may never come and it will be a huge waste of money. I also shop out of season in Sales as it’s such a good way of finding a great priced item… so I’d buy a brilliant winter coat in the summer Sale for instance or a beautiful summer dress really reduced in the A/W sales and put it away in my summer box for next summer."

Caroline Cook, fashion blogger & content creatorcaroline cook fashion blogger on how to shop Sales

A keeper of a wishlist Caroline keeps an eye her favourites going into Sale

"I do look for classics but Sale time is great for great stand out pieces I’ve had my eye on. I’ve usually got some key items saved waiting to see if they go into Sale. I only buy items I’ve had my eye on at full price. If buying higher priced items Sales are a great way to buy them. I try to know my size before Sale so I can purchase quickly. I don’t tend to try something new at Sale times.  I used to go wild. However, now I am much more conscious of shopping better and less. This season I have had my eye on a Sea New York Quilted jacket which I’ve just managed to get for less than half price. It’s been in my saved items for months."

Sara, fashion blogger & content creator

how to shop sales nd win sara wellies and champagne

Sara signs up to Sale Previews and mailing lists to find her best bargains

“When it comes to Sale purchases I try to concentrate on finding classic, timeless pieces that won’t date, items that I know I’ll wear time and time again. They’re often pieces I’ve had my eye on for a while!
Picking up accessories in Sales can be a great way to add some colour or fun into an outfit and they won’t break the bank!
Signing up to Sale previews and mailing lists is also a great way to spot the best Sale buys, before anyone else, especially if it’s an item you’ve been coveting all season!."

The last word from Amanda  Mitchell, founder of Biscuit

Amanda wearing her Ba&sh skirt now in the Biscuit Sale

"I am not usually a sale shopper and need to take a big breath before walking into any shop on Sale. I worry about getting carried away but my one piece of advise would be to buy well...don't get seduced just by the price, buy what you need and went in for. I often turn to accessories in the Sale more than clothes. I love a good handbag to invest in especially if it is at half price!

Hunting a great bargain? Shop the full Biscuit Sale HERE.

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