Get the Jenna Coleman Look

If you haven't watched The Serpent yet..why not?

Based on around true events set in the Seventies heat of Bangkok, it follows the real life story of Charles Sobhraj, a man accused of being "The Bikini Killer'. But it is not the magnitude of his crime that is portrayed in the BBC drama that has caught the publics eye (albeit horrific and I cannot believe that this even happened) but it's the amazing wardrobe curated by Rachel Walsh,of Jenna Coleman that has got people talking. I mean...those sunglasses and the printed shirts are just fabulous.

I know that the fashion is trivial against the backdrop of what is truly been shown here, a manipulative predator, a thief and sadistic killer BUT the fact that it is all set in the 70's in such iconic outfits, is even more compelling.

When you think of 70's fashion, what springs to mind?

Is it the hippy long dresses of Woodstock? Or the big collars and brown florals? Or the flares with platform shoes??

Or just all of the above.

Here is my lowdown of what we have at Biscuit that can help you pull together a look that can rival Jenna!


  Second Female Nice Check Top

 Pom Amsterdam Flower Parade Blouse

 New Season's Bellerose Howland Blouse



Here is our selection of flares.

 MKT Studio Janis Wilson Jeans

 Suncoo Ronny Jean





The sleeveless maxi is ageless and every year we have a wonderful selection. Here are some that we have now.

 Dream Gypsy Dress

 Velvet Cleo Dress



Whether scarves are for your hair, neck or wrist, there is nothing more essential as a silk square in your wardrobe.

 Beck Sondergaard 

Scarf Ichi Pea Silk Hair Tie


As for the sunglasses please shop our collection here