Five minutes with...Caroline Cook of Caroline Style Hacks

Five minutes with....Caroline Cook of Caroline's Style Hacks 
Fashion blogger and Instagram success story, Caroline Cook of Caroline's Style Hacks is a fan of sustainable fashion and shopping in independent boutiques. She makes her considered fashion choices accessible to her thousands of followers, every day. We are excited to announce that she is set to star in Biscuit's fashion show this week. Yay. We asked her to give us a little insight into her personal style and her views on the changing world of fashion.

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Caroline wearing her Pink City Prints Savannah Dress, £185, from Biscuit on her Instagram grid (now there's only one left).


How would you describe your personal style? My style hasn't changed much over the years. I’ve always preferred relaxed fit clothing with interesting textures and colours. And I’ve always mixed high street, high end and preloved pieces.  My mum always shopped in small boutiques for us all as I grew up, which introduced me to small and designer labels as well as Spanish and French brands. 

What is the core of your CarolinesStyleHacks content and why do you think it has such an appeal to your followers? I try to focus on simple but interesting styling true to my style. I don't follow trends too much and instead I enjoy picking out beautiful pieces. I like to find new brands and support small boutiques and labels as well as finding great High Street pieces people can incorporate into their existing wardrobe. I also try to encourage everyone to try some colour in their wardrobes. 

If you could give women one piece of style advice, what would it be? I say women should always wear the size label that looks best on them. No one sees what size you are wearing! 

You previously worked in retail as a buyer, how has the fashion industry changed and what do you believe are the positives of these changes? There’s so much focus on the transparency of the supply chain now. Everyone should know where and who made their clothing. And it’s been great to see a real change towards buying less by buying better.  Saving to buy one item instead of five fast fashion items. I’ve always found small boutiques more interesting and it was organic for me to shop small thanks to my mum. 

Caroline showcasing a happy Jumper1234 Sweater, £209, on Instagram (only a few left now in Biscuit)

If you could only have five pieces in your closet what would they be? Embellished flats, a relaxed navy blazer, a navy midi dress, relaxed grey boyfriend jeans and a Breton top or sweater. 

Your failsafe accessories are....? A chunky necklace, a classic navy or tan bag and a statement ring.  

Caroline's Biscuit Edit

Clockwise from top left: Jumper1234 Sweater, £209, Pink City Prints Dress, £185, Beck Sondergaard Bag, £135, Part Two Navy Dress, £109.95

Want to see Caroline in our high summer fashion show? Book your tickets below.

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