Farewell to 2022

 " I am in no doubt that everyone has been feeling the same and that is 2022 has been a rollercoaster of a year.

Coming out of the pandemic at the beginning of the year with such hope and a sense of relief and optimism only to be plunged into anxiety by the war in Ukraine. But despite this, we at Biscuit continue to embrace the wonderful sides of life. We said a huge hello to a new Biscuit team member. Rachel had a baby girl in the Spring and we are so happy for her and we are all looking forward to having both of them back after her maternity leave later on in the year. Can you buy desks for one year olds? 

This brings me neatly on to the newest members of our team who joined us this year. We welcomed Jasmyn to help cover the maternity leave but she has become an invaluable member of the team and is now managing our e-commerce with such professionalism and commitment. Helping her, there is Alice who heads up our fulfilment and customer service desk. A quick fact on Alice, she loves Christmas so much that she went to a halloween party dressed as a Christmas tree! And yes I have had to keep telling her that perhaps Christmas tunes in the office during November is maybe still a bit too early?!
The shops are going from strength to strength, managed by the amazing Marie in Edinburgh with the help from Karen and in Glasgow there is the fantastic Jill. What a team they are... With their integral help we were just thrilled to have been nominated this year for numerous awards including best boutique by Drapers and despite not winning, we were just amazed to even have a nomination when there are so many wonderful UK wide small boutiques to choose from. But where there was disappointment, there came utter surprise and wonderment by winning The Boutique Magazine's Independent Retailer Award. An achievement that would not have been possible without the dedication of my wonderful team. 
Talking of achievements, after a year in the making we finally have some new offices and a warehouse to cope with our ever growing website. Slightly nerve wracking to say the least, but totally exciting in equal measure. Business as usual in the shops and hopefully a more slick operation behind the scenes.
None of these changes and improvements would of happened without my truly fabulous customers who continue to support and encourage. Through the bad times and the good, your continual support in us and what we do, gives me the strength to keep working hard and improving Biscuit. Here is to 2023. May you all have the most incredible year ahead. Love Amanda xx"