Be Kind and Protect

The questions between wearing or not wearing a face mask has been banded about for months with much research from many scientists as to their effectiveness against Covid-19.

New guidance from the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention has issued advice that wearing a mask outside in public spaces can help with reducing the spread of the coronavirus. This is not to say that we should all rush and stock pile medical face masks, and there has been a call out to all those who own a medical mask to pass it on to a professional care worker or nurse rather than keeping it ourselves.

I have been trying to find the best options as to buying or making your own mask and the Good Housekeeping magazine has a step by step guide to making your own using 100% cotton.

If you struggle like me at a sewing machine, a simple scarf covering with no sewing needed can be used.


Alternatively, we are now selling them from a lovely supplier. These are made in Greece and are anti-bacterial. Hand wash them and they will keep on lasting for as long as you need them. They come in fashionable prints and I am surprised that they can look this nice!! But if we have to wear them, lets make sure that we look great too.

Let us all be kind and protect each other.