Trench Coats - Everyone is Wearing...

The Cropped Trench Coat

Two women wearing cropped trench coats

About to be your new Spring obsession, the cropped trench coat has arrived. 

Reworking a classic is nothing new, but this Spring, it appears that designers en masse have grabbed the scissors and chopped inches off this spring wardrobe staple! Sticking to classic neutral tones, the cropped trench is a versatile jacket which manages to be both chic and sporty.

A style failsafe - the trench easily smartens up any outfit with minimal effort.

From fitted and perfectly structured to slouchy and belted in classic neutral, black or navy. A trench coat is practical in that it goes with pretty much everything - and the cropped version is no different.

Things we would look out for:

  • Length - Its obviously cropped, but you don't want it too short, keep it on par with your trousers/hem of your top or just below
  • Colour - Stay away from novelty colours, fine for the longer classic version, but for cropped, keep them neutral!
  • Detailing - Look out for buttons, belt, cuff and shoulder detailing - these elements can really add to the overall look of your coat.

Some of our favourites...

Naturally the cropped length lends itself to a sportier look - but that doesn't mean unrefined

Layer over a crisp white t-shirt, jumper and jeans for an ultimate weekend look or go for a layered look over a cashmere hooded knit, stirrup leggings and ballet flats. 

Want in? We don't blame you! Shop our full selection of trench coats and choose the one that suits you!