Everyone is Talking About : Apple TV's Palm Royale

Apple TV's Latest series has everyone in a stir

Loosely based on Juliet McDaniel's book Mr and Mrs American Pie and set in the late sixties, Palm Royale follows Kirsten Wiig as aspiring Palm Beach socialite Maxine alongside Laura Dern, Allison Janney, Kaia Gerber and Ricky Martin. Already causing a stir before its debut tonight, March 20th, due in large part to the work of costumer designer Alix Friedberg (Big Little Lies), we are beyond excited see how the series comes to life on screen through the interiors and clothing!



Check out the trailer below for a sneak peak!

What can we expect from the Palm Royale series?

Inspiration & Colour


The whole series was very much inspired by the photography of Slim Aarons, with Laura Dern reportedly pitching the project to Friedberg as '1969 Palm Beach, Slim Aarons inspired.' Whilst pulling the photography, Friedberg also utilised the Western Costume archive as well as the magazine archives of European Vogue, Mademoiselle and Harpers Bazaar from the era.

Colour was hugely important, with colours pulled directly from the visuals and video footage collected to build the series' colour palettes;

Palm Royale Beach Club

  • Bright Whites
  • Greens & Vibrant Pastels
  • Lily Pulitzer and Pucci Prints

West Palm

  • Earth tones to reflect the feminist characters
  • Orange and Rust Tones
  • Avocado and Brown Tones

The division of palettes helps to tell the story, with the contrast between the gleaming white of the Beach Club and Maxine's wardrobe highlighting how out of out of place she is in the high society setting.

Slim Aarons Palm Beach
lady sipping a cocktail, Palm Beach by Slim Aarons
lady standing with a dog beneath palm trees, Slim Aarons

NEW versus Vintage


With literally thousands of costumes across several key characters, the wardrobe was a key component of the series, and Friedberg estimates that around 60% of the wardrobe in the series is vintage while 40% was built, particularly for characters Evelyn and Maxine. 

As well as costume houses and etsy, they were able to take inspiration from sourced archival pieces which were then re-created with prints reprinted on organza and silks to ensure an accurate colour payoff on screen.

Accessories were another important element - from sunglasses to shell necklaces - but undergarments were really crucial! In order to recreate an accurate silhouette, Friedberg used all original undergarments to ensure the cone shaped chest and cinched waist.

Kirsten Wiig in White Sunglasses and a head scarf



Maxine has a paper-doll like quality, your quintessential perfectly put together barbie doll who dresses for others - shorter silhouettes, big bows, matching shoes and purse. Her blonde hair is set just right against her tanned skin.

Friedberg says:

"Whenever you see Maxine, she's kind of putting on a costume for somebody else, looking hopeful and overdressed a little bit too much in each situation...there is always something a little bit off about her - trying too hard. She's joyful and unaware of how she's missing the mark."

Allison Janney as Evelyn

Evelyn is at the top of the hierarchy, with a refined style with a regal quality. Her clothing is loose and floaty, with jewel tones forming the basis of the wardrobe. Friedberg says:

"Most of her costumes are custom made with inspiration from real garments. She has an actual Galanos gown in one of the scenes, and she wore a lot of Pucci inspired pieces, Givenchy, Dior, YSL. They were all doing that loose-flowing Eastern influenced style. Everyone was super into Indian-inspired pieces and ethnic fabrics. Everything's fabulous and chic - her sunglasses, her hat - and she floats into a room...she's aspirational for all the women."

Kirsten Wiig and Allison Janney in Palm Royale

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