Everyone is Obsessed with...Claudia Winkleman

 Claudia Winkleman - The Traitors

If you were worried about exactly what would take you through these long dark winter evenings in a dreary glitter-less January...we've got your answer. It's The Traitors...and more specifically...Claudia Winkleman. Back for it's second series, and set in the Highlands of Scotland, it's hauntingly addictive and wickedly stylish!
The thrill of the game is only overshadowed by the hunt for the label - many a look has had us googling until our eyes cross in the hopes of securing a now long sold out item. So far futile...other than a fabulous dupe (see @studio_b_fashion), we are instead looking to the series for inspiration - the ultimate chunky knit, the stomping boot and the daddy of all scarves! 
Here are our favourites looks so far...

Mr Mittens Knit

Knit via Mr Mittens | Scarf via Rose and Wul


Stripes and Checks


The Traitors Claudia Winkleman Fashion - Trench Coat


The Traitors Claudia Winkleman Saint Laurent Blazer

Biscuit Products (at bottom) Part Two Dafne Black Blazer


The Traitors Smiley Jumper

Biscuit Products (at bottom) Bellerose Gladys Checked Dress | Maison Anje Bliby Night Knit

The Traitors The Vampires Wife


BBC One - The Traitors