DL1961 - Sustainable Denim

DL1961 - Sustainable Denim 

DL1961 strive to create the perfect jean through a fusion of fit, fabric and function whilst maintaining sustainable manufacturing. In 2019 alone the brand saved 892,518,940 gallons of water producing their denim by treating and recycling the water used in the process of making their jeans. The family owned business source from eco-friendly fibres and clever Instasculpt technology to ensure the perfect fit for you.

The average pair of commercially produces jeans requires up to 1,500 gallons of water for manufacturing whereas the DL1961 jean uses less than 10. The extra care and effort that the brand put into creating their jeans means they are produced in a way that is best for the customer and the planet. 

By using high-retention fabrics from custom-blended yarns DL1961 create jeans with a difference, a difference that can be seen and felt in the fabric and fit. 

"We believe you should feel good about the jeans you put on your body. That’s why our innovative facilities are fully compliant with International Social and Environmental & Quality Standards. Plus, we're committed to ethical practices, fair wages, reasonable hours, and positive working conditions for all our people."


Everything is done in house, cutting down the need to transport the garments long distances. The US site is fully energy efficient with solar panels to help reduce the carbon footprint. On top of that no chemicals are used to create the jeans, instead lasers are used to achieve the distressed finishes you see on each piece. 

For Autumn Winter at Biscuit Amanda has selected 4 core styles that range in length and fit as well as colour. 

The Bridget 

A black boot cut with a high waist and tonal lack stitching. (33" inseam)

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The Coco 

A dark indigo blue straight leg with a mid waist. (34" inseam)

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The Florence Ankle

A cropped skinny grey denim jean with a mid waist. (28" inseam)

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The Florence Warner 

A classic blue denim skinny jean with a mid waist. (30" inseam)

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Each style is crafted with added stretch and features Instasculpt technology which is designed to enhance the body by smoothing, contouring and lifting the body to give you the perfect fit. 

"We take our job seriously in creating denim that lessens our impact on the planet for future generations."

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