Behind a Fashion Agency - Chiltern Street Studio

I have been working with this agency since opening Biscuit and I have been lucky to know Jane and Denise when I was even a department store buyer back in the 1990's.
Run by two amazing women, Jane and Denise, with a fantastic team behind them; Chiltern Street Studios represents some beautiful brands for women who love fashion that endure the test of time.
Ranked in the Most Influential Top 100 list of people in fashion, they have won awards and are one of the most respected fashion agencies in the business.
I have put a few questions to them and they have been kind to answer.

What was your first job?   
Jane - A saturday girl in a multi brand shop on Chiswick High Road.
Denise - Saturday girl in Miss Selfridge, Derby
What inspired you to set up Chiltern Street? 
Jane - I needed the autonomy of working for myself with two small children, and an opportunity came along when they were 4 and 2. 
Denise - After a lifetime in fashion it was time to take a leap of faith. 
What inspires you when you look for new brands to represent? 
Jane - A combination of a feeling for what people will be looking for and brands that feel inspirational and different.
What is your "Go To" comfort food recipe? 
Jane - I've been experimenting loads in lockdown, trying to please everyone in my house is not easy. Most recent success was the shroom burger from shake shack via - there’s also been a disproportionate number of failures, normally I'm a good cook but the pressure to all come together in the evening and eat well is getting to me - quiche with raw pastry or deep fried mozzarella balls where the mozarella’s all oozed out anyone?
Denise - I’ve been honing my Oriental skills. Laksa- a hug in a bowl with puffed tofu and aubergines. Plus started making bread again, although no idea why as I barely eat it!!
What is your "Must Have" wardrobe staple? 
Jane - Previously Chie Mihara high heels, the more brightly coloured the better; currently Birkenstock clogs and some old 501’s.
Denise - A pair of cords and my converse. 

What book are you reading?  
Jane - finding it hard to concentrate at the moment, but enjoying A Bit of a Stretch, Diaries of a prisoner by Chris Atkins 
Denise - Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. I am re-reading it and it’s even better second time around.