70s Revival and Why Corduroy is Here To Stay

Seventies fashion is trending big time for Autumn 2023. Riding on the coattails of some fabulous film and television - think The Serpent and Daisy Jones and the Six - this year has heralded a new wave of appreciation for flares, earthy floral prints and crochet. But it has also seen us set aside our devoted denim in favour of the humble corduroy trouser!
Once only seen on aling professors and farmers, the cord trouser - and jacket and dress for that matter - is back...and we think it might just be here to stay!
Cord Trousers as Seen on the Streets
 The rich nature of corduroy makes it an ideal Autumn staple, whatever the colour or fit. Dressed up or down, these are a comfortable addition to your wardrobe giving you plenty of cost per wear! Here are some of our favourites and how to style them for the coming months.
 Wide Cropped Leg Cord Trouser Options
Flared Crod Look Number 2
Look Three - American Vintage Padow
American Vintage Padow Trouser Options
American Vintage Padow Trousers Shown Above In : Cucumber | Navy | Tobacco | Zinc
Look 4 - Full 70s Glam
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