Biscuit goes to Pulse

With the lead up to the opening imminent, we at Biscuit got on the first plane out of Edinburgh last sunday, flew to London and had a full day at Pulse. You cannot really call a day like that work, except that it is!

A great trade show with an eclectic mix of brands, specialising in stationary, accessories, jewellery, and pretty things for the home. The perfect fill-ins to pretty up the shop on 22 Thistle Street. How excited were we when we were able to add a couple of brands to our mix!

We adore Nathalie Bond Organics. Not only were they just so nice to speak to and deal with, but the product is gorgeous. Simply packaged, Nathalie Bond Organics are 100% natural products, kind to the skin, smelling beautifully and easy and beneficial to use.

You know when you are onto a good thing as to when you step onto a stand and you can't find one thing you don't love! That is how we felt when we stepped onto the stand belonging to Timbergram. A fantastic concept, rebelling against emailing, taking us back to writing and sending cards but with a difference. Each card is made from 3mm birch wood with a lovely picture on the front. If I got one of these sent through the post, I would be thrilled!

All that we saw and all that we bought, we hope you too will love!