(20)21 Reasons to be Happy this New Year

As the realisation of another month spent in lockdown hits, as well as Christmas festivities a thing of the past, you may be finding yourself wondering if there’s really that much to look forward to?

Thankfully starting a new year also brings new cheer! I don’t want to give you the 10 classic reasons to get yourself out of bed, but I want to show you the 21 reasons why 2021 is going to be just as fab, fresh and fashionable as any other year.

  1. Our environment affects our mood. So, spice up your spaces with new pieces sure to make you happier.
  2. At Home = Bed Days. The way to feel good about lazy days starts with looking good having lazy days!
  3. All the more reason to invest in a beautiful coat seeing as though socialising this month will be outdoors.      Shop our new coat in from Bellerose.
  4. WE’RE IN SALE – what more fun than getting loved clothes for less.
  5. We have been shown the people that won’t be stopped by a pandemic to be there for us. Writing letters of love and thanks will do more than cheer up your mood, but your loved ones too.
  6. Take the time to clear out your wardrobe making room to invest in those new pieces that are going to be your 2021 staples.
  7. Looking good, feeling good. Grab yourself something beautiful and give yourself that boost of excitement after pyjamas are starting to feel like your second skin!
  8. Make footwear fun again, swapping out those over-used trainers for some warm and comfy boots.
  9. With so much hand washing and hand sanitiser, look after your hands with some beautiful soaps as well as a hand cream. We have a wonderful selection of Plum and Ashby to choose from and shop our apothecary offer here.
  10. Clean life means a clean mind. And what a way to inspire us to tidy then “Spark Joy”. Take the time to tidy and rediscover all your old memories and make the space for those new ones.
  11. Fill your brain. We have been blessed with time for reading and inspiring ourselves.
  12. Stay Safe, Look Stylish – with some colourful facemasks. We are waiting on some new facemarks from Becksondergaard.
  13. Time to cosy up – and this means knitwear. New knitwear is on its way.  Shop our knitwear here.
  14. Try on all those new combinations of clothes you were too scared to carry off before, let’s start the new year with some elevated new outfits. We have amazing matchy matchy in the shops now from Olivia Rubin and Ragdoll.  Shop our selection of loungewear here.
  15. Be still within all our businesses. Light a candle and just breath. Let your environment be filled with a warm and cosy scent.
  16. Challenge yourself and work with your household in puzzling and playing games together.
  17. Have a bath – luxury at it’s finest.
  18. Diffusers are the effortless, child-friendly and candle free way of creating a comforting scented at home environment.
  19. Spend time relaxing with a cup of tea or spend time on curating a marvellous wintery hot drink.
  20. Stay warm visiting loved ones outside. Add accents of colour and fun in your outfits with your hats and scarves.
  21. Always remember what makes you happy - for me this is a good walk with the dogs.