Why are scarves the MUST HAVE accessory?

You should never leave home without one!

With the weather as unpredictable as it is here in the UK, the scarf is the one item that you can throw on at the last minute. Thankfully Biscuit has many to choose from!



All our scarves are lightweight but if you wrap them around your neck a few times, they are as warm as any muffler. Jo Edwards scarves are our bestsellers and start from 100% fine wool scarves at £49.

Our new addition to the collection are scarves from POM Amsterdam. The company founded in 2011 by two sisters from Holland. Inspired by their surroundings in Amsterdam, the sisters design all their products and most are made in Europe. You can always tell a POM scarf by its shape. Made in an asymmetric triangle, they are worn as a scarf, turban or a sarong.

Prices start at £59 for the one pictured and go up to £89 for their premium ranges.

I love summer, as the weather warms up, but I still would never go anywhere without my scarf. The versatility of them, worn around my neck or waist, can change an ordinary outfit looking boring to a WOW!

Pick of the season has to be the Gisali Scarf from Des Petits Hauts. Love the pompoms and the print and of course the price £69.