Biscuit Travels...a dreamy week in Corfu

A week away in May and where better to head than the gorgeous greek island of Corfu?








(beautiful views of Rou Estate)



I headed North and inland up from the delightful beach of Agni. Staying high up in the hills at a resort called Rou, the "village" was built a few years ago by an architect and his dutch wife. Set amongst beautiful landscaped gardens, each house has been painstakingly transformed from a ruin to an immaculate and tranquil space. Beautifully put together, each with their own plunge pool and private terrace. What more could I want? A week of Yoga, that was what I needed!




On the back of four Yoga lessons prior to arriving at Rou, I had signed myself up with Yoga Garden Retreats for a week long "Live with Intention", two hours of Ashtanga Yoga in the morning followed by an hour or so of Restorative Yoga in the evening. How hard could that be??....pretty hard was the answer!! 

Thank goodness for the food to keep us going; carefully considered to meet maximum nutrition and totally delicious. Thank you Zac Purves-Fennell for feeding us!



When not in some unpronounceable yoga pose, we were left to our own devices and travels. A day in Corfu Old Town and another hiring a boat to go around in style  to take in the views of the island from the sea.

Out and About



Well you cannot go wrong with many of the Tavernas on offer in Corfu. Fresh mediterranean food wherever you go but I went to a couple of special ones, of which are listed below in the links.


(plates of seafood and delicious honey cake from Taverna Glyfa and Pane e Psaraki)


Boat hire was made through George at Agni Boats. 

I almost nearly forgot!!! What did I pack in my suitcase??

Couldn't live without my oversized shirt from Part Two, stolen for the day by my lovely friend Lally!! The Janviere Cotton Shirt was ideal for throwing over the bikini. Love the look and can be worn belted too!


 Speaking of stealing my clothes, Claire, who organised the retreat, spent the morning helping me photograph my gorgeous Royal Poan dress from Leon and Harper. That too wormed its way into her suitcase!!! To be fair, it looked so much better on her than me!

Thankfully no-one had big enough feet to steal my Elephant espadrilles from Soludos, but they did get a lot of admiration!!



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